Herd Size

We keep 2 breeding males, and currently have 14 females. They are fed a small amount of pellets and whole oats twice daily and have free access to hay and grazing.



We have had the feed formulated by Bruce Dolby of Goat Nutrition specifically for our Boer goats, and this is mixed & pelleted for us by our local feed mill, Bearts of Stowbridge Norfolk.   We can now start the kids on this feed as a creep since it is small enough for them to eat without choking, which we found to be a problem with larger beef nuts. As a result they are now having the same food through from a few weeks old to slaughter or to breeding. Prior to this there was no specific food for meat goats in this country that we knew of.



All our female goats are vaccinated 6 monthly for clostridial diseases with Lambivac. All the goats are wormed  and have their feet trimmed regularly.

The whole herd is CAE and Scrapie monitored, ensuring the highest possible health standard within our animals, producing the finest quality breeding stock for both the domestic and export market.