Goat Meat

Goat meat is similar in taste to lamb when hot and beef when cold. When talking about goat meat most people think curries or highly spiced foods but a roasted leg or shoulder is excellent. It makes good casseroles, burgers, sausages and mince, anything in fact that can be done with any other meat. It also lends itself to Mediterranean style herbs like thyme, basil, marjoram and oregano.

A whole carcass weighs between 15 – 20kgs, and we sell either whole or half carcasses...or "Buy to Try" with individual goat meat joints.

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Goat meat available

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Goat meat is a close textured meat like beef but has far less fat than lamb and is an extremely healthy meat. As you can see from the table below, the fat content is lower than chicken and the saturated fats is also lower than chicken. Protein content is as high as beef and iron content is highest of all meats. Goat meat can be stored frozen for 6-9 months.


Ref: USDA handbook #81989 Nutritive value of foods: - home and garden bulletin #72:

For 3oz of roasted meat:CaloriesFat (g)Saturated Fat (g)Protein (g)Iron (mg)

As goat meat has a low fat content it is best roasted low and slow in a covered roaster or in roasting bags. I always use the bags as you can see the meat easily and test it with a fork through the bag. When cooked it needs to be rested for ˝ hour before carving or else it will fall off the bone. Roasted joints can be served with anything used with lamb, such as rosemary, mint and garlic or a fruit jelly i.e. red currant. Chops and steaks can be pan fried grilled, barbequed, or oven baked.



As previously stated we only rear rare breed pork: Tamworth, the ginger pig, or Gloucester Old Spot x Tamworth. We have found the flavour of Tamworth pork by far the best for taste and we never have any left. The taste is like “Grandmas pork,” succulent, full of flavour and crackling that needs no “rubbing in” of oil or salt. Just roast in the oven, it can even be roasted in a roasting bag, to save on oven cleaning, and still the crackling is crisp and crunchy.

We sell ˝ carcasses butchered to the customers requirements. A half carcass weighs between 22-27 kgs.

Pork (half carcasses) available

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